Superpower of Thanos is worldwide famous but have you ever heard of super seeds having superpower.? If not, refer the below article-

Watermelon seeds

Getting watermelon in a hot sunny day is just wow but getting to know that the part we think is uneatable has most of the health benefits is something not less than wonder. Watermelon seeds contain fatty acids, proteins and a lot more minerals which makes it beneficial for our body.

  • Cutting the watermelon seeds and eating the inner part provides strength to the body specially the weak nerves of brain and even abates swelling.
  • Making shake with such seeds are interestingly the tasty part of meal which increases memorizing power.
  • Amalgamation of sugar candy (mishrii), fennel (sauf) with seeds will help for the better nourishment of child inside womb of a pregnant lady.
  • Chewing such seeds is proved to be beneficial for payria patients.
  • Crushing of watermelon seeds and applying over forehead will reduce those sticky headaches.

-Daily consumption of 10-20 gm is sufficient.

Pumpkin seeds-

Getting treasure inside a vegetable is not more than a miracle. Surprisingly treasure is nothing but seeds of pumpkin which can undoubtedly compared with gold in terms of its value. Even if you dislike pumpkin and want to have something more healthier and beneficial.

  • One fourth cup of pumpkin seeds fulfils the daily requirement of magnesium. It is even more healthier for heart and maintains the level of blood pressure.
  • Internal self body doctor : commonly known as immune system is a common friend of pumpkin seeds which makes it self sufficient to fight for disease. This is all because of zinc in seeds.
  • It maintains the level of insulin and helps to cure diabetes and it reduces stress which will make you somniferous.

Green coffee beans-

Green coffee beans are those unroasted beans and the purest form of coffee and is even more helpful. Green coffee beans have chlorogenic acid which helps in fast digestion of food and cut off body fat and accelerates metabolism activity. Two time a day and 30 minutes before meal should be the regular schedule.  

Not only weight loss but it hides the signs of aging(acts as antiaging element). Roughness of skin and wrinkles formation would reduce because of presence of caffeine in these seeds.

Flax seeds-

Flax seeds are one of those seeds which are in huge demand due to its health benefits.  Flax contains large number of nutrients such as proteins, carbs , fibers, fats, omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin b1, b6 , folate, calcium, iron , magnesium, phosphorous, and potassium.

  • Flax seeds having all above nutrients are useful for heart patients as it reduces the risk of heart attack.
  • Lignans in flax seeds are too beneficial for cancer patients. According to a research by Canadian gynecologist, women who eats flax seeds are likely to have less risk of breast cancer.
  • Adding to above usage, flax seeds may reduce blood pressure, control sugar level in blood and may improve cholesterol.

Mix seeds, berries and raisins-

The most confusing period of meal is brunch and those evening meals where one has to think a lot for having some food at an adequate amount.  Instead of fast food, why not to eat the healthiest. Not only the healthier but tasty too which is roasted with salt which adds a great flavor to you meal. Mix seeds (flax seeds, pumpkin seeds) , cranberries, black raisins, cashew nuts and almonds are highly preferred  for snacking at any time. One cannot just target a particular health issue, instead, the amalgamation of all these will maintain your complete body and disease will be as far as the stars are.

Tell us your experience with such seeds and the transformation followed.