The pulchritudinous name of sunflower has its meaning itself in it’s name. “The flower which changes it’s position in accordance to sun.

 Around 3000 BC , sunflower was initially farmed by a tribe community in America and is used to cure the infected person being infected by snake bites and also used for nourishment of skin and hairs but in Twenty First century, it has been a lot more to do with sunflower seeds. Before any further info, it is foremost task to know the nutritional constituents of sunflower seeds.

For every 30gm of seed, it contains 163 calories, 14 gm Fat (saturated-1.5g , Unsaturated fat- 11.9g), protein -5.5gm, carbs -6.5 g, fiber- 3g, Vitamin E- 37% of RDI, Zinc – 10% of RDI, Copper- 26%of RDI, Manganese -30%of RDI, Selenium – 32%of RDI, Vitamin B6 and Folate.

Shelled and unshelled variety of sunflower seeds are available. If you get unshelled seeds you have remove its shell to eat them. Buying unshelled seeds might cost a bit more but saves time and labor. Having sunflower seeds is not that difficult task. Adopting any of the below would work.

-You can sprinkle the seeds on green salad, fruits, yogurt, chicken salad, veggie burgers and cooked vegetables.

-Making butter of sunflower seeds and having it in your breakfast or fruits is way more beneficial.

-Making Sunflower oil from seeds is highly preferred for better results of many skin problems.

-Following are the skin benefits of having sunflower seeds-

  • Moisturize you skin –

The humectant property of sunflower seeds helps skin to perpetuate it’s moisture. Vitamin E keeps the skin hydrated by trapping moisture inside skin cell for longer time. This retention property is much more beneficial when you use it in a regular basis as it can remove dead cells and impurities and the only thing left behind is smooth and beauteous skin.

  • Antiaging property-

The high ratio of selenium in sunflower seeds repairs DNA of damaged skin cells and cell from it’s rapid death. It contains vitamin E and A which protects collagen and elastin matrix of the skin which helps in reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Antioxidant properties prevents skin from sun’s exposure and reduces the signs of aging.

  • Skin soothing properties-

One who has dry skin usually suffer from irritated skin, skin itching, redness of skin and allergies. Sunflower seed can sooth these type of skins. It reduces redness as it has non allergic and humectant property.

  • Protection from sun (UV Rays)

Protection and prevention from UV Ray’s can both be done by sunflower seed oil. Antioxidant properties help peroxidation of lipid caused by UV Ray’s. This results in making skin less sensitive to Sun.

  • Beta- Carotene benefits-

Beta- Carotene is a fat soluble compound which later gets converted into vitamin A and is highly present in sunflower seeds. It too contains antioxidant properties which is way far beneficial for skin and even health.

  • Detoxify impurities-

Toxic substances inside skin is the major reason of almost all the skin problems and this toxic impurities can neutralized by sunflower oil as it absorbs chemical due to its light weight and less density comparatively. Only using high quality seeds will be effective, so seeds from Hanman Nutrition is preferred for better results.

  • Fight acne and inflammations-

Vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin C and vitamin D gives rich nutritious value to your skin and even beneficial to treat acne in a natural way. The primarily cause of pimples is acne causing bacteria which can be treated by sunflower seed oil as it can regenerate new skin cells because oil contains vitamins and fatty acids.

Drop a note below and let all know how sunflower seed changed your skin and also some interesting way to eat sun flower seeds.