Best time to drink green coffee for weight loss and the complete procedure to make it.

Getting yourself being called by some special names like panda, bear, beast , big boi or by name of some special fluffy fruits is something insulting and intolerable. In today’s world everyone needs to be in the Limelight and wants to be noticed by others and people these days are very much concerned and conscious about their health and fitness. As we are well versed with the fact that obesity is the root to many health related problems like high blood pressure and abnormal cholesterol levels which can lead to Heart problems and strokes. So if one wants to stay fit and fine needs to lose body weight.

The best solution to lose body weight is having green coffee twice a day. But there is a particular time period in the day when one should have green coffee ( the general coffee which we have is usually brown in color but when it comes to green coffee it has green color and it’s the actual one, brown color is due to the roasting of green beans of coffee in which the chlorogenic acid is removed because of roasting and color gradually changes ). As green coffee beans contains Poly phenol chlorogenic acid which helps in cut off body fat and increase metabolism in human body. One should have green coffee 30 minutes before meal. Because after we have our meals, digestion process starts which break down the food and fats starts storing in our bodies. Green coffee will make sure that excess fat doesn’t store and will not make you fatty.

Here, we have how to prepare green coffee to lose weight instantly.

Step1- Get good quality green coffee beans.

Step2- Firstly we have to rinse one cup of green coffee beans and put them in a container to boil. Rinsing will help you to get coffee being more acidic and is scientifically proved to be better than unwashed one.

Step3- Now we will add 3 cups (approximately 710 ml) of water and bring water to a boil.

Step4- Simmer the beans for 12 minutes over medium heat.

Step5- As now beans are boiled and extracted, turn off the burner.

Step6- Now we need to strain the coffee extract into a glass or a cup so that you can have the healthy and pure green coffee extract.

Benefits of having green coffee

1. Anti-aging- Caffeine present in green coffee beans contains anti-aging properties which lead to reduction of skin roughness and wrinkle formation

2. Weight loss- Green coffee contains enzymes which increase fat and calories burning capabilities of our bodies. It also breaks down the glucose present in the body and helps to digest food easily.

3. Controls high blood pressure- Drinking caffeinated beverages can lower high blood pressure.

4. Lowers blood sugar level and insulin spikes- A study published by American diabetes says that having green coffee twice a day on a particular time will decrease the risk of high blood sugar up to 9%.

5. Heart related problems-  Green coffee bean extract contains chlorogenic acid which will eliminate bad cholesterol from your body and metabolize glucose which will make your heart healthier.

The anti-obesity, anti-diabetic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-carcinogenic properties of chlorogenic acid make it a complete package to get your health improved. This would only be possible if one takes proper care of their diet. Although a try to green coffee is encouraged.

Let us know how green coffee helped in curing your health related problems. Sharing schedule to take green coffee would be interesting for readers.