‘Hanman Nutritions BCAA (Unflavoured)’ gets you this 100 % original BCAA that comes in an unflavoured taste. BCAA happens to be an essential for the body as the body cannot make them and you need to get it from your diet, therefore Hanman Nutritions gets you this purest form of BCAA that is 100% dope free ingredients and is free from any kind of synthetics or other additives.‘Hanman Nutritions BCAA (Unflavoured)’ makes for a completely Vegan product that is soy free as well. This contains BCAA in 2:11 ratio of Leucine to Isoleucine to Valine. Being in its basic form that is ‘Hanman Nutritions BCAA (Unflavoured)’, it comes with a natural bitter taste which is the basic characteristic of raw BCAA. ‘Hanman Nutritions BCAA (Unflavoured)’ is 100% preservative free and being a vegan based productthis has been extracted b y microbial fermentation to be precise. BCAA is a chain of group Amino acids that is needed to build muscle protein and produce energy to be precise. Not only does it support healthy metabolism tha