“‘HanmanNutritions Isolate Whey Protein’ makes for this easily digestible and easily absorbable form of protein than any other food or supplement that has been filtered many times through high technology micro filters to get you the purest form of protein removing 90% of gluten and lactose.Whey protein happens to be an essential requirement regardless of age or physical activity, for this brilliant product helps act as a catalyst for protein synthesis and muscle growth in respect of the body.With the presence of the 9 essential amino acids it is easy to digest and supports your wellness and performance goals. This brilliant product is known to deliver an ultra-macronutrient protein formula along with high amount of amino acids that the body requires on an every day basis. Not only does it support lean muscle recovery, but it helps support healthy metabolism that helps do away with fatigue and muscle cramps. This form of the isolate whey protein is far superior to other protein supplements and comes with an exciting taste of vanilla. Being of superior quality of advanced formulation, ‘HanmanNutritions Isolate Whey Protein’ is sure to provide your body with the pure, clean isolate Whey protein that is needed to fuel the metabolism and lean muscles while maximizing recovery. This isolate whey protein (vanilla) is gluten free and this delightful vanilla flavor is great to taste and is easy to mix with a simple blend, stir or shake.
Shake: Combine some amount of the ‘HanmanNutritions Isolate Whey Protein’ with your favourite beverage, cold water or milk in a shaker bottle and consume.
Stir: Mix some of the isolate whey protein powder in yoghurt, oatmeal or your meal, stir well and enjoy
Blend: Make a delicious smoothie adding peanuts, fruits, berries in the mixer, blend well and enjoy your serving.
Stay healthy and stay fit with the ‘HanmanNutritions Isolate Whey Protein’.